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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It seems politics has become sports

I don’t recall it when I was growing up, but that’s probably because I was young and didn’t pay attention. But now, it seems that as the days and years go by, politics is becoming more like sports than what it should be.

Politics should be the diplomatic process by which our society is governed. Politics should not be the betting and rooting for a team to win. At present, it seems that party lines have become teams, and votes have become bets. People, although disenchanted by the process at times (or because they’re disenchanted by the process at times) appear to bet blindly on the team they want to win, without any regard to the actual issues or the candidate’s stance on said issues.

I’ll be sure to instill within my children the true meaning of what it means to vote. I’ll be sure to instill within my children that they should think critically of the issues, the campaigns, and the people behind them. I’ll be sure to instill within my children a sense of respect and appreciation for their right to vote.

And I’ll make damn sure that my children don’t blindly bet on a political team they want to win, simply for the sake of being a fan.


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