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Friday, November 5, 2010

What to do with the new healthcare law

Prior to the recent passing of the new healthcare law, I would have said as so many other people had: we need reform, we need change, we need something better.

The method by which the new health care law passed is not something I'm proud of for America; it's not the way it should have been done. Making such vast changes, writing perplexing laws, and creating legislation so large that most could not or did not read it prior to voting, and done so in such hastened fashion, is just wrong for the American people. We deserve better and should require better from our representatives in Congress.

Today, I say repeal the new healthcare law, de-fund portions if repeal is not possible, or go through the behemoth legislation with a fine-tooth comb reading every line to make sure everyone understands how it all works BEFORE any portion of the law goes into effect. This will at the very least give everyone a chance to make adjustments and changes as necessary, and to prevent anything the American people don’t want.

I am not saying, however, that we do not need healthcare reform; we certainly do – we just need proper reform, not just any reform we can get in a few-month's time. And it has to be reform that the people want, not what Congress or a President tells us we want.


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